About Us

In 2014, we decided to look to the future and become the leading industry in the rice sector, aware of the global dynamics of the markets and the strong competition, we decided to rely on excellence and innovation to achieve this goal, which are part of our DNA. , evidenced in all our products, in the satisfaction of our customers, our strategic partners and our consumers throughout Ecuador. Currently, our plant in Junquillal captures, dries, processes and packages the best rice, always adhering to good manufacturing practices, ISO standards, rigorous quality controls and high demand standards. Thus, we launched the Costerito brand on the domestic market, a high-quality aged rice, competitive price and innovative packaging that, leveraged on specific distribution, marketing and communication strategies, are conquering the homes of Ecuadorians and expanding to the entire world.

Information Proarroz

We are a milling, processing and marketing company of rice from
specialty, ground and/or its derivatives, supplying high quality products to the national and international market; using traditional processes and appropriate technology supported by passionate and competent human talent, to meet the expectations of our consumers and customers. We are committed to the growth and profitability of the company and we promote social development in the community.

To be national leaders with international projection in the rice market of
especialidad por su preferencia dentro y fuera del país, con productos de alta calidad, enfocados en la satisfacción total del consumidor especializado; conscientes de nuestra responsabilidad con una cadena de valor incluyente, experimentada, tradicional y participativa.






At Proarroz we work every day to provide the best quality and customer satisfaction

We are passionately committed to the satisfaction of our specialty rice customers, consumers and stakeholders, through the processing and marketing of high quality rice, milled and/or its derivatives.

Always based on the continuous improvement of each of our processes in the value chain, respecting tradition, experience and the environment for the development of our resources and products. We want to continue influencing and working on the development of the Ecuadorian rice market.

We seek Success, making our greatest effort to improve every day, with work, dedication, perseverance and a positive attitude to maintain our legacy of tradition of achieving the best rice.